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PDF for download. It contains two puzzles from my book CLASSICS: How we can encourage children to read them, the answers to which are available in Appendix 1 of my book.

The link is given below. Instructions for use: Copy and paste the link in your browser. There is no need for an account to download the same. Please click proceed to opening the PDF and download the same.

And for those who would like to purchase my award-winning book, the link is given below.

                           The Silent Owl

We all have different and novel ways of telling a story. I am an (owl) who works only at night with two of my best friends,Lits (literature) and Ima (imagination). Both drink ..... I abstain, both talk ..... I listen ... Both  narrate  and irritate... I just love the narration and irritation that helps me put it in words.

Stuff The Owl Talks About :

1) Books
2) Current Affairs
3) Movies 
4) Literature
5) History
6) Music
7) Books Published F.Pathan